Case Study on Nutra with 145.3% ROI

Dump Period: 06.08.2023-06.10.2023 Traffic Source: facebook.com Offer: Sucrenorme CI GEO: Cote d’Ivoire Affiliate Network: Lemonad Economics: Spent: $3606 Earned: $8846 Profit: $5240 ROI: 145.3% Anti-detect: AdsPower Proxy: Mobile Domains: Aged domains, used for subdomain creation Accounts: 50 King accounts with auto-regs Cloak: Keitaro tracker and cloak Hello everyone, I’m Alexander. Since 2019, I’ve been involved […]

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Case study: $6600 profit from a nutra offer Entorofort

Hey everyone. I’m Andrey and I’ve been working with FB since 2020. I’m currently specializing in nutra. Today I’m going to share a case where I launched a campaign with my team.

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Case study: $115 000 on Dietica PH offer (Philippines)

Greetings! I’m Alexander Tikhomirov (@tonystarkcpa) / the Crazy Profits Agency buyer. I’ve been working with FB since Jan, 2020. Worked with white hat in a CPA team since March 1, 2022.

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Flexibility NG case for $580

We decided to share cool cases with you!

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