Monetization of your website/blog: 3 main rules

Monetization of a website or blog is the process of turning your online project into a source of income. In this article, we will consider three main rules for monetizing a website or blog. The first and perhaps the most important step to successful monetization is a deep understanding of your target audience. You need […]

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GEO Review: Algeria

Algeria is a Tier-3 country. But many cases prove that in this GEO, with the right approach, you can make a good profit. Today we will tell you about Algeria in details and share useful information that will help you when launching the traffic. General information Algeria is a large country in North Africa, bordered […]

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Baseline and mindep: what is it and what is it for?

Today we decided to talk about the basic concepts that are in the game. This article will be of interest for those who are just starting to master this direction. What should be considered when choosing an offer? It’s not a secret that the revenues from the gambling industry are quite significant. Therefore, the casino […]

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Secrets of Successful Traffic Arbitration

Traffic arbitration is the process of buying and selling Internet traffic in order to make a profit. This type of business requires not only financial investments, but also management skills, data analysis and strategic thinking. In this article, we will consider several secrets of successful traffic arbitrage that will help you to maximize efficiency and […]

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Local population Features in Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Iraq, Morocco and Nigeria.

As you know, when launching the traffic, the analysis of the central bank is important. With the help of the local population, we learned what to focus on when creating promos in Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Iraq, Morocco and Nigeria. Uganda When buying goods here, people pay most attention to the product […]

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How to manage finances properly?

Budget planning, accounting for all expenses and income, as well as effective resource management are key aspects of success in arbitration. In this article, we will consider the basic principles and recommendations for proper financial management for arbitrators. 1. Analysis and planning The first step to successful financial management is to analyze the current financial […]

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The case on Facebook for the GlucoPRO TZ offer with the profit of 1923$

Period: 01.01.2024-01.03.2024 Traffic source: facebook.com Offer: GlucoPRO TZ GEO: Tanzania   Affiliate program: Lemonad Economy Spent: $2,410 Earned: $4333 Profit: 1923$ ROI: 79.8% Antidetect: Adspower Proxy: mobile Domains: domains with a history for which subdomains were created Accounts: personal 250$ Cloaca: Tracker and Cloaca Keitaro Payment card: Brocard Greetings to all. For the last 5 years, […]

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Nutra Arbitrators’ Mistakes and Difficulties

Every beginner can face a number of mistakes and difficulties that can slow down or hinder success. In this article, we will consider some of them.  Insufficient market research One of the most common arbitrators’ mistakes is insufficient research of the target market and audience. Without a deep understanding of the needs and preferences of […]

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Case with the profit of $ 5685 on the Urofarm in Iraq

Period: 01.01.2024-06.01.2024 Traffic source: facebook.com Offer: Urofarm IQ2 GEO: Iraq Affiliate program: Lemonad Economy Spent: $7025 Earned: $12,710 Profit: 5685$ ROI: 80.93% Antidetect: Adspower Proxy: mobile Domains: phrynomes Accounts: kings with autoregues 50 limit Cloaca: Tracker and Cloaca Keitaro Greetings.  Today I want to tell you how I throw the Urofarm IQ2 prostatitis offer for […]

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