ArbitrageScanner — Largest Affiliate Event in Bangkok.

The biggest side event in Bangkok for 555+ from ArbitrageScanner.io — an ecosystem with the best tools for blockchain analysis and cryptocurrency arbitrage. There will be no speakers — just quality networking with leaders in the affiliate marketing niche. Admission is free for arbitrageurs: all you need to do to get a ticket is leave […]

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Case Study: Parasite Campaign in Colombia with a 197% ROI

Hi everyone, I want to share how I ran traffic from Facebook to a parasite remedy with a whopping 197% ROI. About two years ago, I decided to venture into a new niche – parasites. And to this day, I’ve been successfully running campaigns in this category. I’ve tested various geos, and today I’ll tell […]

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GlucoPRO Offer with an Impressive 82.15% ROI

Period: July 8, 2023 — October 24, 2023 Traffic source: facebook.com Offer: GlucoPRO KE GEO: Kenya Affiliate Network: LemonAD Economics Spent: $1681 Earned: $3062 Profit: $1381 ROI: 82.15% Anti-detect: Adspower Proxies: Mobile Domains: Free domains Accounts: 50 limit King accounts with auto-reg Cloaking: Keitaro tracker and cloaker Greetings. I’ve been in arbitrage for about four […]

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Case Study on Nutra with 145.3% ROI

Dump Period: 06.08.2023-06.10.2023 Traffic Source: facebook.com Offer: Sucrenorme CI GEO: Cote d’Ivoire Affiliate Network: Lemonad Economics: Spent: $3606 Earned: $8846 Profit: $5240 ROI: 145.3% Anti-detect: AdsPower Proxy: Mobile Domains: Aged domains, used for subdomain creation Accounts: 50 King accounts with auto-regs Cloak: Keitaro tracker and cloak Hello everyone, I’m Alexander. Since 2019, I’ve been involved […]

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💰 Cash bonuses for new partners💰

Here’s some awesome news! 💣 If you just registered at Lemonad or you joined a long time ago but haven’t launched traffic yet… We’ve got a super promotion for you that starts October 1 and will run indefinitely. ✅ 50-150 approves — +100$ to payout; ✅ 150-250 approves — +150$ to payout; ✅ over 250 […]

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🔥How do SPY services work and why is it important to keep an eye on your competitors?🔥

We have published an article on this topic on our website ✅ Told about the main principles of SPYs work;  ✅ Showed what functionality they have ✅ Provided our top 3 best services.   Hurry up and read the article by clicking the link 👉  Follow our news and get the most valuable information 😉 SPY […]

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BROCONF 2 — forum on traffic arbitrage and affiliate marketing 31.10 — 1.11, 2023 Location: Moscow Website: https://mybroconf.com/

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Style — Affilate meet-up

September 28, 2023 START AT 19:00 Location: Saint Petersburg, COMMODE Website: https://affstyle.com/

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How to look for profitable approaches in arbitration and test?

In the world of arbitrage, the concept of «bundles» plays a key role. It means a complex approach to traffic direction, which combines correctly selected offers, geographical regions, creative solutions, traffic sources, target audience, landing pages and other factors.  A profitable bundle is capable of generating revenue. However, it’s not always easy to determine which […]

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