Interview with the InRate team

Hello to the InRate team! This year has been full of events and achievements for you. We’d like to delve deeper into your experiences, learn more about your plans for the future, and understand the principles and strategies that underpin your success. Let’s start! Questions: The first thing I would like to say about what […]

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How big platforms and internet companies detect that you are using proxy: HTTP3 and QUIC protocol

As digital privacy and security become increasingly crucial in the vast sphere of digital marketing, the tools and technologies designed to protect these facets are continuously evolving. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) play a pivotal role in ensuring anonymity and safeguarding data, yet not all VPNs are equal in their capacity to adapt to the latest […]

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Interview with Clickbaza owner Dmitrii Golopolosov

I’ve been doing traffic since the early 2000s. In those years it was traffic from searching engines, after that we added our own projects, then purchased traffic, and so on. I’ve been involved in arbitration in the form that is now accepted in the community for a year since 2016. But in fact, I resold […]

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Case study: Diabetic offer in India. Profit — 1788$

Campaign period: 01.11.2023 — 29.12.2023 Traffic source: facebook.com Offer: Diabetic IN GEO: India Affiliate network: Lemonade Economy: Cost: $1,550 Total revenue: $3338 Profit: $1788 ROI: 115.3%  Antidetect: Adspower Proxy: mobile Domains: domains with a history for which subdomains were created Accounts: kings with 50 autoregues Cloaca: Tracker and Cloaca Keitaro  Landing Good day to all. […]

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ArbitrageScanner — Largest Affiliate Event in Bangkok.

The biggest side event in Bangkok for 555+ from ArbitrageScanner.io — an ecosystem with the best tools for blockchain analysis and cryptocurrency arbitrage. There will be no speakers — just quality networking with leaders in the affiliate marketing niche. Admission is free for arbitrageurs: all you need to do to get a ticket is leave […]

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Case Study: Parasite Campaign in Colombia with a 197% ROI

Hi everyone, I want to share how I ran traffic from Facebook to a parasite remedy with a whopping 197% ROI. About two years ago, I decided to venture into a new niche – parasites. And to this day, I’ve been successfully running campaigns in this category. I’ve tested various geos, and today I’ll tell […]

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GlucoPRO Offer with an Impressive 82.15% ROI

Period: July 8, 2023 — October 24, 2023 Traffic source: facebook.com Offer: GlucoPRO KE GEO: Kenya Affiliate Network: LemonAD Economics Spent: $1681 Earned: $3062 Profit: $1381 ROI: 82.15% Anti-detect: Adspower Proxies: Mobile Domains: Free domains Accounts: 50 limit King accounts with auto-reg Cloaking: Keitaro tracker and cloaker Greetings. I’ve been in arbitrage for about four […]

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Case Study on Nutra with 145.3% ROI

Dump Period: 06.08.2023-06.10.2023 Traffic Source: facebook.com Offer: Sucrenorme CI GEO: Cote d’Ivoire Affiliate Network: Lemonad Economics: Spent: $3606 Earned: $8846 Profit: $5240 ROI: 145.3% Anti-detect: AdsPower Proxy: Mobile Domains: Aged domains, used for subdomain creation Accounts: 50 King accounts with auto-regs Cloak: Keitaro tracker and cloak Hello everyone, I’m Alexander. Since 2019, I’ve been involved […]

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💰 Cash bonuses for new partners💰

Here’s some awesome news! 💣 If you just registered at Lemonad or you joined a long time ago but haven’t launched traffic yet… We’ve got a super promotion for you that starts October 1 and will run indefinitely. ✅ 50-150 approves — +100$ to payout; ✅ 150-250 approves — +150$ to payout; ✅ over 250 […]

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