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Case study: $6600 profit from a nutra offer Entorofort

calendar 12.10.22
time--v1 4 minutes

Hey everyone. I’m Andrey and I’ve been working with FB since 2020. I’m currently specializing in nutra. Today I’m going to share a case where I launched a campaign with my team.

  • Launch period: 12.02.2022 – 22.05.2022
  • Income: $40900
  • Expenses: ~$34300 (not all accounts were available, but all expenses were accounted by the tracker)
  • Profit: ~$6600
  • ROI: ~20%
  • Source: Facebook
  • Cloak: Keitaro filters
  • Affiliate program: Lemonad
  • Offer: Entorofort parasites
  • Geo: Chile, Columbia


The offer was something new to me, yet I was well acquainted with the geo. So, I decided to drive to a new branch in nutra — parasites. Once I launched several accounts and got good test results, I figured that this offer has potential.

I got my prelands from the AP and spy tools (though parasites weren’t so popular). Yes, at times you need to customize and tweak the raw preland. I added comments and focused on papillomas by adding images.

Here’s a couple of prelands that took most of the traffic.

As I said, the main focus was papillomas. This approach had the lowest lead cost, meanwhile the approval wasn’t that bad.

I’ll also show you the modifications I made to the prelands. Based on my experience with LatAm, I noticed that the locals like wheels of fortune. A wheel on your preland can easily add 0.7-1% to your conversion rate.

And of course the customized comments. You can add live photos of the product, too.


Papillomas showed the best results from the creative tests, so they became my main focus.

The text part wasn’t that hard, either. Sometimes I didn’t even insert a text in the ad, since the creo had enough. You can take a couple of phrases from the preland. The person sees the text in the ad, then in the preland + trust and approval further on.

¡El gobierno nos miente! ¡Los papilomas desaparecerán mañana! La receta en sí…

Los papilomas son el primer síntoma de la presencia de parásitos en el organismo.


It goes without saying that a cloak was used to launch (regular keitaro filters by geo, bots and language). Also, we made use of downloaded local whitepages. An application form and a notification about cookie use were a must.

CPL — the average cost per lead was $5-6. Quite often it was more so we had to look for an approach and an audience.

Consumables: we bought strong UA farms + 10-15 autoregs. The starting budget was $50. We used UA mobile proxies adapted to the geo accounts. USA Brocard was our payment method. The spring campaigns weren’t so complicated. Fanpages did not get blocked like they do now, and accounts were exempted from policies (you could apply for a de-ban of dozens of personal cabinets from a single ad-ban passed account)

FB settings: only FB feed, M/F 35+. Also, to lower CPM, I applied only Android users.

Since this approach isn’t so popular on FB (the same goes for weight-loss and adult), the accounts had a long lifetime. Average spending easily reached $500, so the launch was semi passive and wasn’t time-costly.


I don’t have screenshots from the AP, since only the team leader had access.


There’s no need to be afraid of weird offers that nobody uses. That’s your chance of riding the gravy train.

We’ve been working with the Lemonad AP for a long period of time, and we’ve never had any trouble. They had the highest rates for LatAm that I’ve ever seen (reached $25 for Chile at some point). Payouts are stable and at any request. Another positive factor is the large selection of offers and the manager will always help you make up your mind. By the way, they still have a couple of LatAm GEOs with this offer, so you can repeat the process and earn some money =)

Good luck and may your launches be successful!

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