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New Philippines offers review!

calendar 26.03.22
time--v1 8 minutes

Hello everybody!

There are already more than 500 offers in our piggy bank, but, of course, we are not going to stop there and the list of products is updated every week. First of all, our affiliate team tests them, finds top combos, creative materials, and only after the offer is fully tested and we are convinced that you can get a good profit from it, it comes to you.

For the coolest and most converting offers, we will do reviews with a ton of important and useful information, so you just have to set up the campaign according to these settings and watch how the balance grows in your personal account 🙂

So, let’s move on to the interesting thing — today new high-quality Philippines offers from Lemonad are on the agenda! Geo is not the most popular (and so much the better, there is less competition), so we’ll start with an overview of geo and the audience.

Target audience.

The Philippines ranks 2nd in the list of South Asian countries with the largest Internet audience. And this number is growing by leaps and bounds!

Also, 34% of Filipinos use the Internet every day, and another 45% — 1-2 times a week, spending an average of 22 hours a week on the World Wide Web.

Most users check the mail — 90% of users check their mail several times a week. Social networks are almost the same — 80% of Filipinos regularly visit their pages to chat with friends, read the news or laugh with memes 🙂

As for age, 41% of users are over 30 years old, and this, as everyone knows, is the main audience of customers: dietary supplements, ointments for joints, etc.

By the way, 53% of Filipinos use cash even when they buy something online, so CoD fits in perfectly.

Now that we have learned a little more about the behavior of people on the Internet, let’s move on to the offers.


We have launched 5 new offers on this geo, each of them did extremely well on tests, so we are happy to share the info.

So, meet the offers themselves.

Gluco Pro

According to statistics from the Ministry of Health of the Philippines, diabetes is in the top 10 in the number of deaths in this country. People who are over 20 have a high chance of getting diabetes and health care is the first thing the population should worry about. The lack of necessary medicines and unhealthy lifestyle characteristic of the Philippines further increase this indicator.

Landing page

On the landing page, it is best to post information about diabetes — how easy it is to get it with such an unhealthy daily lifestyle and diet, what consequences it carries, in general, everything about diabetes and how scary it is to live with it. And, of course, how to get rid of it with the help of Gluco Pro.

How does Gluco Pro help?

  • restores and supports the work of the pancreas;
  • helps to improve fat and carbohydrate metabolism in the body, increases glucose tolerance, reduces cravings for sweets;
  • normalizes cholesterol and blood sugar levels;
  • reduces the chance of heart and vascular diseases, has a beneficial effect on the digestive organs.

In general, the offer is relevant for the population, and also has all the necessary components and properties to prevent a disease that claims thousands of lives in this country.

Payout: $ 15, with the possibility of a bump if you provide good, high-quality traffic.

Top combo:

Gluco Pro PH Pre Landing 1 https://pl1.gluco-pro-ph.adsssite.com/


Gluco Pro PH Landing 1 https://lp1.gluco-pro-ph.adsssite.com/

Moving on — the next offer

Cardioton Caps

Cardiovascular diseases and, in general, any heart disease are another cause of many deaths in the Philippines, including those caused by diabetes. The potential audience is large, as people, recording the statistics, are extremely concerned about the number of deaths from heart disease, while medicine in this country is lame, and meds are sorely lacking.

Landing page

Here, of course, it is best to show customers the statistics of heart diseases and deaths, and also to show that it is not so difficult to get such a disease in the Philippines with their standard of living. And, of course, offer Cardioton as a solution to the problem.

How does Cardioton Caps help?

  • helps to reduce «bad» cholesterol, stabilizes blood sugar levels and normalizes the work of blood vessels;
  • regulates the frequency of contractions of the heart muscle, strengthens the walls of arteries and veins;
  • improves metabolism in heart tissues, prevents the formation of blood clots

Payout: $ 16, with the possibility of a bump if you provide good, high-quality traffic.

Top combo:

Cardioton caps PH Pre Landing 1 https://pl1.cardioton-caps-ph.adsssite.com/


Cardioton caps PH Landing 1 https://lp1.cardioton-caps-ph.adsssite.com/

And now get acquainted with the offer that will save the people of the Philippines from eye diseases


Filipinos overwhelmingly (about 85%) trust the recommendations of friends and pals, so word of mouth works perfectly for this country, better than any other ways of promotion. However, for the Filipinos themselves, this is not always good — with vision deterioration or other eye problems, people primarily resort to folk medicine and the advice of friends, which most often turns into complications and deterioration of the situation. So our organic offer is exactly what they need 🙂

Landing page

On the landing page, it is worth pointing out what self-treatment can turn into and what irreparable consequences can be if they are not warned in time. Do not forget to mention that the composition of Crystalix includes organic components, it will sound quite tempting for Filipinos.

What helps Crystalix?

  • relieves dry eye syndrome (eye fatigue, itching, redness, dryness, etc.);
  • protects vision with increased visual loads (when working at a computer and negative exposure to sunlight);
  • normalizes intraocular pressure and increases visual acuity.

So it can be used in everyday life — the offer won’t make it worse, but it is possible to prevent deterioration of vision and remove the effects of daily stress.

Payout: $17, with the possibility of a bump if you provide good, high-quality traffic.

Top combo:

Crystalix PH Pre Landing 1 https://pl1.crystalix-ph.adsssite.com/


Crystalix PH Landing 2 https://lp2.crystalix-ph.adsssite.com/

or without pre-landing page:

Crystalix PH Landing 2 https://lp2.crystalix-ph.adsssite.com/

And we are moving on — next in line is an offer that will help Filipinos get rid of joint problems


No secret that it is difficult to live a healthy lifestyle in the Philippines, poor nutrition and daily loads knock down even very young representatives of this country — even joint problems appear at an early age for many. So potential buyers can make this offer both for themselves and for their children or elderly parents.

Landing page

On the landing page, it is preferable to show how difficult it is to live with arthritis and how, unfortunately, it is easy to get it with such a lifestyle. As a solution, in addition to the offer, you can give a couple of tips on warming up and so on.

How does Flexibility help?

  • stimulates tissue regeneration;
  • it has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects;
  • improves joint mobility;
  • facilitates movement and relieves puffiness.

As you can see, this offer is suitable for both 10-year-olds and 60-year-olds, so your audience’s cup is full.

Payout: $17, with the possibility of a bump if you provide good, high-quality traffic.

Top combo:

Flexibility PH Pre Landing 1 https://pl1.flexibility-ph.adsssite.com/


Flexibility PH Landing 1 https://lp1.flexibility-ph.adsssite.com/

or without pre-landing page:

Flexibility PH Landing 1 https://lp1.flexibility-ph.adsssite.com/

And last but not least, an offer that will save Filipinos from excess weight


Despite all the talk about false beauty ideals, the vast majority of both women and men want to lose weight. And here we must remember that excess weight is not so much about beauty as about health — it causes many diseases, including fatal ones. And since it is extremely difficult to lose weight without detoxification, Enterofort is a very good assistant in this matter.

Landing page

On the landing page, it is worth posting information about the many disadvantages of excess weight and how amazing and healthy it feels to stay within normal weight.

How does Enterofort help?

  • gently removes toxins, slags, parasites and their waste products;
  • normalizes the work of the intestine and restores the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • relieves pain caused by intoxication, increased vitality and relieves fatigue.

Payout: $16, with the possibility of a bump if you provide good, high-quality traffic.

Top combo:

Enterofort PH Pre Landing 2 https://pl2.enterofort-ph.adsssite.com/


Enterofort PH Landing 2 https://lp2.enterofort-ph.adsssite.com/

or without pre-landing page:

Enterofort PH Landing 2 https://lp2.enterofort-ph.adsssite.com/

That’s all for today 🙂

We hope that the information was useful and will help you get your profit faster and easier!

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