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Team Lead interview

calendar 27.03.24
time--v1 3 minutes
  • Do you want to know how to choose a nutra offer now?
  • Which traffic source should a newbie pay attention to?
  • Which GEO should we focus on in 2024?

Our team leader Alexandra answered the most interesting questions in a new interview 🧐.

1. What nuances of the nutra’s launching have you encountered in 2023?

Globally, we were faced with the problem of catching a good convertionon geos, and as a solution to the problem, preference was given to local celebrities, which led to many restrictions in working with advertisers.

2. Are there any forecasts for current creos or design trends?

We can safely say that creo using an opinion leader remains in the running, but in harsh conditions on the part of advertisers, who often face litigation because of these very “leaders,” we give preference to no-name specialists and doctors who are modeled by the Ai. Of course, flashy names and images will better fix the client’s attention on your advertising, but it’s worth asking from the start about the mentality of the country in which you work. In addition, our locals can collect such information for you in order to better compose your creo for the launching.

3. How to choose a nutra offer now?

In my experience, you can now make money on private and exclusive geos or new and fresh offers, since competition will be at a minimum. But I do not rule out that good conditions and a decent product will be able to generate income on the popular geos of Latham, Africa, Asia or Europe.

4. Which GEOs should take a closer look at?

In my opinion, our successful cases were such geos as the Dominican Republic, El Salvador and South Africa, which never cease to amaze with their novelty, good approval and rates. At the same time, it is worth noting Nigeria, in which we made two product lines, or for example Morocco and Iraq, located on opposite sides of the continents, but at the same time giving high results in EPL, and of course our beloved Cote d’Ivoire, with fresh joints offers, which we brought there. These offers will give a high ROI and are in great demand among local residents. In addition, we are preparing the return of several countries in which we previously worked and, of course, will try to create the most comfortable conditions and delicious new products).

5. Which traffic source should a beginner pay attention to?

It will be easier for a beginner to start with FB, since materials on the Internet, training courses or team recruitment are conducted mainly from this source of traffic. Its implementation is quite simple; all that remains is to gain experience in order to minimize all the risks of a minus strait. After all the failures and miscalculations, profit will definitely come, especially if you come across a smart manager in the CPA who will recommend a profitable offer for work.

6. According to your forecasts, which geo will receive the most traffic in 2024 and from which source?

FB, of course, but there has been a fairly noticeable trend in increasing turnover in native networks. We don’t discount Google either, but most of the traffic is supplied to us, of course, by our “beloved” Zuckerberg))) with his new algorithms and moderators who work tirelessly, like our partners, only they work against each other)

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