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Interview with the UNION AFFILIATE team

calendar 15.03.24
time--v1 5 minutes

Hello, LemonAD is here! The new interview with the Union Affiliate team contains a lot of useful information and valuable tips that will help increase your profit 😉

  1. What accomplishments are you proud of over the past year?

We built the entire team from scratch, having tiny budgets for turnover at the beginning, put processes on stream, created several in-house departments that were not yet on the market. Almost finished our CRM

  1. What were your failures last year? And what would you like to fix in 2024?

There were no global failures, we are very happy with everything

  1. What goals do you set for yourself for the upcoming 2024?

Scaling the team, creating and implementing new cool ideas. Of course, there are goals in numbers too, but we’ll talk about them at the end of the year.

  1. Tell us how your team was formed?

My partner and I spent 9 months raising everything from scratch, launching the traffic in our accumulated money, then in February 2023 everything took off, and in April we started recruiting a team. They trained all their guys from scratch, I was in charge of strategy and traffic, a partner in technical solutions and the administrative part. To put it briefly, this is roughly how UniAff turned out.

  1. Why did you choose this name for the team?

Back in our school years, my partner and I had a group of friends and we jokingly decided that it would be called “Union”. When they started building the team, there were no other name options.

  1. What benefits do you see in having an office for team work?

Communication, community, high efficiency.

  1. How many people are on the team now? Is recruitment going on now? How can I get on your team?

15 people, hiring is happening right now, we are expanding.

Open to candidates — @uniaffhr

  1. How do you ensure team collaboration to achieve common goals?

Regular management. Cross-communication across departments speeds up work, we constantly collect feedback, improve/create new processes. Above all, we have very open communication within the team and everyone’s needs are met, so everyone is happy

  1. How do you plan to ensure sustainable growth of your affiliate team in the future?
  • Established processes with the help of which the routine work of a media buyer is reduced to a minimum — only the ideological part remains
  • Training from 0 for each employee for necessary (and interesting) positions
  • Strong specialists in management positions
  • Constant innovation in terms of ideas, we create the best conditions for their implementation and help guys come up with new solutions (fortunately, they have a huge intellectual resource) — this is how our ad campaigns rarely burn out and new algorithms for profitable projects do appear.
  • New partners and external interactions
  1.  What is the most important lesson you learned from your affiliate experience?
  1.  What was the most difficult time for you? How did you get out of it?

There was a time when different advertisers were overlaunched with geos, we were cut off in the caps, and the volume dropped a little. A week later, the volume was already restored due to correct and quick decisions and their high-quality implementation

  1.  What is your strategy for reaching your audience during the holiday season? And in the last days of the year?

This year we did not focus on this

  1.  What new technologies and trends in arbitration have impressed you recently?
  • Our internal developments
  • Book “Logic” by Vinogradov (1954)
  1.  Where do you get the ads campaigns? Do you do it yourself, in spy tools, or do you ask the PP?

Absolutely all ourselves. We monitor it with spy tools, of course, but we don’t focus on it.

  1.  Can you give us the numbers for the last year?

255k leads in 7 months

  1.  What is the average budget you currently spend on searching for an ads campaign? Tell us more about the process of searching. What are the 3 main points everyone should pay attention to in this process?

There are no fixed benchmarks; the guys themselves determine the necessary costs. At the same time, we do not have overexposures or waste of the budget.

3 main points:

1) New (not used) ideas

2) Testing speed

3) Test structure

  1.  What type of offers do you make the most? Tell us how you go through moderation with them and which 3 conversion features should definitely be included in the promo specifically in this topic.

Health, moderation does not stifle, accounts allow the work. There are 3 features:

1) adequate text layout

2) strong copywriting on the pre landings

3) congruence in the ads campaigns of creo-pre landings 

  1.  What advice would you give to those who are just starting their journey in arbitration?

Test a lot + analyze a lot.

The faster you test a pile of hypotheses, the faster you will come to a result, but you need to carry out normal analysis so as not to bang your head against the wall. Do not look for ready-made solutions — they are not here. Don’t try to rework old ones — creation is rewarded.

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