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Interview with the InRate team

calendar 29.01.24
time--v1 9 minutes

Hello to the InRate team! This year has been full of events and achievements for you. We’d like to delve deeper into your experiences, learn more about your plans for the future, and understand the principles and strategies that underpin your success. Let’s start!


  1. What were the key lessons and experiences you learned from your previous team building try, and how did that influence your approach to forming the new InRate team?

The first thing I would like to say about what any business is built on — it is discipline. And discipline begins with the leader. If you don’t adhere to the established order in your work by yourself, then you should not expect the same from your colleagues. The second important lesson we learned is that you should always do short-term and long-term planning. You and your team must clearly understand where you are going and why. Without planning there cannot be any systematic development. And of course, don’t forget about team building. Maintaining a healthy atmosphere in the team is very important!

  1. What are your impressions of the first year of the InRate team? Are there any features or achievements that you are particularly proud of?

The impressions are only the most positive. We are not proud of any specific achievements this year, but proud of the resilience of the team. This year, not only the FB threw up problems during storms, but there were massive problems with payments and other services that are important for the work of an affiliate marketer. We were able to quickly adapt to all conditions and grow significantly from these problems.

  1. We know that you hired your family and friends and trained them, and then brought in experienced affiliates. How does this combination impact your team’s work and what benefits does it bring?

Now we have a symbiosis of a reliable rear and experience, and this is very cool! The guys who came from outside the family circle have already joined and grown into the team, at least we think so 😉

  1. What are the key goals and plans for the InRate team for 2024? What challenges do you see and how do you plan to overcome them?

Grow at least x2 in profit per year, enter gambling, maintain and strengthen our team, develop and implement our own CRM system, implement AI as much as possible, master several more specific advertising networks besides FB, which ones we will not disclose for now 😉

  1. Why did you decide to go into media? And how can this affect the development of your project?

We believe that there is already something to share with other affiliate marketers, especially with beginners and beginning owners and teams. We see our profit in the growth of reputation, and this will make it possible to attract more experienced guys to our squad

  1. How do you measure the level of engagement and motivation of your team members? How do you support and encourage their professional development?

           Oh, motivation and development are one of our favorite topics! We try to constantly organize some kind of events, lotteries within the team with cash prizes. We also give away accrued points and prizes from affiliate programs. In the team we have an open rating system — “Ladder”. Every month the top 3 strongest in profit are determined, for which they receive an increased percentage. In this rating, everyone sees the statistics of each teammate — number of leads, clp, profit, % approval. Such transparency helps maintain healthy competition and a fighting spirit in the team 😉 We also have bonuses for useful tips and features in the work — everyone can improve the team’s work and will be rewarded for this. Well, don’t forget about testing new directions in the nutra. Each buyer must be able to play in several directions, because versatility is very important for the development and stability of the team.

  1. What trends and changes in your industry do you see on the horizon, and how do you plan to adapt to them?

Artificial neural networks are taking over everything 😉 Now more than 50% of creatives are created using neural networks, and this is the main trend of the coming year. You absolutely need to improve in this direction, because it speeds up work with content and solves the issue of the uniqueness of the creatives.

  1. What are the core values that you feel are important to the InRate team and how do they shape the company culture?

Since we initially built a family team, the basis of our approach is trust, mutual assistance, and informal communication. We treat each other as humanly as possible, we do not have a strict chain of command, but at the same time everyone must respect each other. If you bring super profits, but as a person you are crap, then you are not on the path with us.

  1. What practices and strategies were used when teaching relatives on your team? How does this fit in with the work of experienced affiliates?

Once we trained our team lead, based on this knowledge and experience gained, he outlined a training plan, we agreed on it and he began to train others. Later, a full-fledged program was written, according to which several more people were trained. In fact, nothing supernatural, the right teachers and students were simply chosen 😂 At the moment, more than half of those trained cannot be called beginners. They have undergone a serious baptism of fire from FB!

  1.  What do you think is the main secret to successful teamwork at InRate?

Let’s highlight 3 pillars:

1) Favorable technical environment for work — everything is done for the convenience of people, take it and get the profit into +. Most of the work processes have already been automated and we are further working on automation, due to which buyers do not need to waste time on routine work.

2) Positive atmosphere in the team and healthy competition.

3) A large pool of working offers is a consequence of constant testing and active collaboration with affiliate managers

  1.  What changes or innovations did you make in your approach to projects in 2023, and what results did they bring?

We wouldn’t say that we came up with something new or special. We just worked systematically, worked hard, and got results. Yes, we have our own features, which have not yet been particularly favored by the top teams. But we’ll leave this for our telegram channel https://t.me/anton_durst, sorry 🙂 Soon we’ll post a couple of useful articles that we haven’t seen in mediabefore.

  1.  What criteria do you set when hiring new employees to ensure they best fit into the InRate team dynamic?

At the moment, we only accept guys into the team with current experience working with FB in the last 3-4 months. Lately, Facebook has been bringing surprises more and more often, and has become more picky about advertising approaches; you need to be on the wave. Also, new candidates should offer the team some of their own work, and not just come on our ready-made. On our part, we provide our working approaches, budget, infrastructure so a person can quickly gain financial stability and begin new tests.

  1.  How do you resolve conflicts within your team? Are there any principles you follow when resolving disagreements?

Fortunately, over the past year we haven’t had a single conflict situation. The team’s work was structured in such a way that no conflicts arose. It is strictly forbidden for us to copy approaches without the permission of the author; everything is tracked and detected instantly. On the other hand, we have a large pool of offers, where 1 person simply cannot close them all, so everyone shares their work on their own initiative. Today you helped someone on the team, tomorrow they will help you. We are a team — there is no place for solo players here 😉

  1.  How do you maintain work-life balance for InRate team members? How does this affect work efficiency and the overall atmosphere in the team?

We have a clear work schedule 5/2, from 11am to 7pm. We work in online office mode, in Discord, everyone comes to the channel, turns on screen sharing and starts working. We quickly resolve issues via voice chat. We don’t have any overload at work, so our personal life doesn’t suffer in any way. At the same time, every teammate understands that his money depends only on him, that’s why all the guys are focused on results. No one works under pressure. Among other things, we observe all official holidays according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, and there are vacations.

  1.  Are you currently looking for new team members?

We are always looking for productive guys who want to develop with us. We are ready to provide excellent infrastructure and some of the best conditions on the market 🙂 So we are waiting for your resumes in telegram https://t.me/exeGrave and https://t.me/exreyse

  1.  What valuable advice can you give to beginners and experienced affiliate marketers?

That’s a very difficult question. The easiest way to get involved in the topic is to find the right mentor, teacher. Now it will be extremely difficult to enter solo, without training. We will not advertise any courses. We ourselves are also not hiring anyone for training yet, although this is possible in the future. Solo arbitrage is alive for experienced ones; every year the entry barrier will increase, as in any financial sector. We can give one piece of advice for everyone — if you want to work in the advertising field, learn to correctly analyze your target audience, learn the basics of advertising and marketing, you can’t do without it. Tests and searches for connections should be based on competent hypotheses. Study specialized literature on advertising. This will be useful for everyone, both beginners and pros 😉

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