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Working with a direct advertiser in arbitrage: pros and cons

calendar 24.07.23
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So we got to an important topic that is undoubtedly worth considering. Is it worth working with a direct advertiser? In this article we will consider the advantages and disadvantages of this cooperation.

Advantages of working with a direct advertiser

Higher payouts

Obviously, working with a direct advertiser leads to higher payouts and favorable conditions. Unlike working through intermediaries or partner networks, where part of the income goes to commissions, working with a direct advertiser allows you to get a larger share of profits.

Direct contact

Working with a direct advertiser provides direct contact and communication between the webmaster and the advertiser. This makes it easier and faster to resolve issues related to advertising materials, conditions and payments.

Flexibility and personalization

Working with a direct advertiser, the webmaster has great flexibility in setting up and optimizing advertising campaigns for the specific requirements and needs of the advertiser. This allows you to achieve better results and increase the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Exclusive offers

Of course, a direct advertiser would rather keep exclusive offers for himself than give them to other affiliate programs for implementation. Therefore, having contact with a direct advertiser, you can “skim the cream” from a new offer that no one has. 

Disadvantages of working with a direct advertiser

Fickle offers

Direct advertisers may be less stable in providing promotional offers and materials. There may be cases when the advertiser unilaterally changes the terms or decides to terminate the cooperation altogether, which may affect the income of the webmaster.

Financial risks

Working with a direct advertiser, the webmaster bears certain financial risks. For example, if an advertiser does not pay remuneration on time or inconsistently changes the terms of cooperation, the webmaster may face financial losses. But it should be understood that this applies more to untested new ads that have not yet proven themselves in the market. 

No technical support

There is always technical support in the affiliate programs, which helps to solve the relevant issues. A direct advertiser rarely has such a person who will help to understand this area. Therefore, adjustment of the technical part falls entirely on the shoulders of the webmaster. 


Working with a direct advertiser in arbitrage has its pros and cons. Despite some risks and difficulties, working with a direct advertiser can lead to higher payouts and provide greater flexibility in setting up advertising campaigns. It is important to carefully analyze and choose reliable and stable advertisers with whom you can establish mutually beneficial cooperation.

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