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Where to start in gambling: TOP 5 sources for a successful start

calendar 18.04.24
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For successful affiliating in gambling traffic you can use a variety of sources, each of which has its own characteristics and effective formats. We have prepared a base for those who decided to master this vertical and make money from it. .

Targeted advertising on social networks

For the audience on Burj, these are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In Russia, the main emphasis is on VKontakte. Considering that gambling is a gray vertical, cloaking will be necessary, and a collision with blocking will be inevitable. However, with a professional approach and regular optimization, targeted advertising can be successfully carried out.

Advertising in communities, including purchasing advertising from administrators or owners of popular accounts, is also effective.

SEO traffic

For those who are focused on long-term results, SEO remains the optimal choice. With proper optimization, you can achieve high positions in search results and attract a significant amount of traffic. This applies not only to casinos, but also to doorways, sites with sports forecasts, films and other topics.


ASO traffic is considered one of the most effective because users coming from apps are usually more interested and engaged in the product offered.


Telegram stands out among instant messengers as the platform where gambling advertising is most successful. Creating fake channels and using advertising allows arbitrage traders to attract their target audience. In other messengers, the use of spam is ineffective and, therefore, not very popular.

Thematic sites

Creating your own website, doorways or buying advertising on thematic resources is another promising path. Your own website can provide stable and free traffic, and advertising materials on thematic resources directly reach the target audience.


It is important to consider that the effectiveness of each source depends on competent analysis and approach to testing various strategies. Using a combination of these sources, you can achieve maximum results in promoting gambling offers.

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