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What Skills are Necessary for the Arbitrator?

calendar 04.06.24
time--v1 3 minutes

Traffic arbitration is a difficult process for a beginner, as it is connected with several spheres in which you need to have a certain pool of knowledge. Let’s look at the basic skills and strategies that are necessary to successfully launch advertising campaigns.

Soft skills

1. Self-discipline

For a novice webmaster, discipline is the basis on his path. This skill is related to learning and time management. It is important to be always up to date on news, as well as set yourself tasks and complete them in time.

2. Communication skills

Oh, it’s also one of the most necessary skills. If big companies can afford to communicate the way they want, then a beginner cannot do it. It’s worth keeping your devils in check and trying to find a common language both with the advertiser and other webs. 

3. Critical thinking

Since arbitration is constantly changing, it is necessary to be able to quickly adapt to changes and look for new bundles. Critical thinking helps you to analyze information and customize ads based on the data you receive without overreacting.

4. Ability to work in a team

Based on the opinions of the majority of arbitrators, it has already become clear that it is very difficult for a beginner to work solo. Therefore, you should pay attention to experienced teams, in working with which you will need to adhere to the general rules. 

5. Creativity 

Good advertising content plays a key role in attracting traffic and increasing conversions. Marketing specialists must have the creativity to help create clickable ads, conversion landing pages, and other types of content that will interest the target audience and lead to the desired actions.

Hard skills

1. Project management

Managing the process of launching an advertising campaign from start to finish requires knowledge and skills in this area.

2. Marketing knowledge

Knowing the basics of marketing helps to create and promote an advertising campaign more effectively, since many principles clearly work both offline and online. 

3. Analytical skills

The ability to understand and analyze data are the basis for successful traffic arbitration. Arbitrators should be able to interpret metrics such as conversion rates, Cost Per Acquisition, Return on Investment, and others in order to make reasonable decisions on optimizing advertising campaigns.

4. Knowledge of the market and the target audience

Understanding the specifics of the market and the behavior of the target audience allows you to effectively set up advertising campaigns and choose suitable platforms for traffic arbitrage. This includes analysing competitors and trends, and understanding the needs of potential customers.

5. Copywriting skills

The ability to write attractive texts helps to increase the advertisements effectiveness. 

6. The ability to work with advertising platforms

Knowledge of the principle of various advertising platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Yandex.Direct and others are essential for successful traffic arbitration. You must be able to set up campaigns, optimize them in real time, and analyze the results to achieve maximum effectiveness.


Traffic arbitrage is a complex but profitable online marketing strategy that requires arbitrators to combine analytical, technical and creative skills. Understanding the market, the ability to analyze data and optimize advertising campaigns are the key components of successful traffic arbitrage

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