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Review of Dolphin Anty: #1 Anti-Detect Browser according to Conversion Club

calendar 14.05.24
time--v1 5 minutes

If you are already involved in or planning to start affiliate marketing, there’s one thing you must know: the main concerns revolve around internet privacy and ability to manage multiple accounts simultaneously. These two aspects are closely intertwined, as all platforms with advertising and ad accounts strongly dislike when users conceal their data or create multiple accounts. This is because user data is highly valuable to them, often sold to third parties.

If everyone on the internet were anonymous without any possibility of identification, there would be nothing to sell. The same applies to multi-accounting — each user must be unique, or else face a permanent ban. But how can one run advertising campaigns with just one account? What if it gets banned by mistake? It turns out, arbitrageurs absolutely need multiple accounts to keep their workflow uninterrupted.

Fortunately for them, there’s a solution on the market that ensures anonymity, allows for the creation of as many accounts as needed, and bypasses protective algorithms, trackers, and anti-fraud systems. We’re talking about Dolphin Anty, the top solution of 2023 according to Conversion Club. It’s already used by over 800k+ people. This achievement is thanks to the browser’s functionality, which is not only extensive but also user-friendly.

Advantages of Dolphin Anty

The main feature of Dolphin Anty is that it was specifically designed for traffic arbitrage. Its developer, Denis Zhitnyakov, introduced several products to automate advertising and uniquify creatives. The browser itself runs on the Chromium core, making the digital fingerprint of created profiles indistinguishable from Google Chrome.

✅Profile Creation and Unique Digital Fingerprint

In Dolphin Anty, you can create as many profiles as needed with unique fingerprints and manage them safely from a single window. To create a new profile, simply click on the «+» symbol in the «Browsers» tab. A new window will open where you can set various parameters: name, operating system, add cookies, and technical characteristics.

If you choose an operating system different from yours, a warning will appear that 100% emulation is technically impossible. This is an unequivocal plus for honesty. If you don’t want to bother, you can generate all parameters randomly.

You can manage profiles as you see fit: sort them, add statuses, tags, extensions, mass create, delete, and edit them.

✅Process Automation

Dolphin Anty has numerous features that allow affiliates to save time.

Firstly, there’s the cookie robot, which you can send to specified sites to «collect» cookies to later add them to profiles. This is very useful if you care about the uniqueness of your digital fingerprint.

Secondly, there’s the «Synchronizer.» This feature allows you to duplicate all actions you perform in one browser window in other open windows. This is very convenient for unique actions like entering text, clicking on links, opening new tabs, granting necessary permissions, and so on.

Thirdly, there are «Scripts» that run on an interactive map. To use them, you need to write a script — a sequence of actions that the robot will perform. You can add clicks, button presses, login and password entry, account farming and warming, and any other actions you do in the browser. This saves an insane amount of time.

Facebook Multi-Tool 🔥

Integration with this tool is done through Dolphin Cloud — a cloud tool for automating Facebook ADS. Thanks to it, management becomes much easier and faster, as all work stays within one window. You can manage campaigns, assign roles to team members, create auto-rules to increase spending efficiency and disable negative campaigns, delete all negative user comments that disrupt any conversation.

Teamwork deserves special mention. You can assign roles to team members. There are four of them here: admin, team lead, buyer, farmer. Being the head, you can also define the level of access and rights. An excellent tool for more efficient team management and evaluation of each participant’s activity.


Dolphin Anty has something that no other anti-detect browser on the market has: a fully functional free plan. Yes, it has some limitations on functionality like «Synchronizer» and «Scripts,» but it’s not limited by time. You can create up to 10 profiles and use them without worrying that you’ll soon have to renew your subscription. You also won’t forget to cancel it and be charged if you don’t like how it’s implemented, as is the case with Multilogin, for example. There, you’ll be asked to pay before you start using it anyway.

There are only three paid plan at Dolphin Anty. They differ in the number of profiles you can create, the ability to add users to the team, and purchase new profiles. When paying for 6 months upfront, you get a 20% discount, making the offer even more profitable.


Dolphin Anty excels at its main task — being a truly arbitrage-focused anti-detect browser. Additionally, you can try it out absolutely for free. So if you’re unsure whether to switch to it, just give it a try. There are also many understandable settings, built-in explanations for all functions, good reviews, and a huge community.

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