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GEO Review: Tanzania

calendar 14.08.23
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Tanzania is a GEO with a large population and a booming economy, which presents great opportunities for delivering traffic. 

Today, we’ll take a look at the key points to consider when launching an advertising campaign.

General Information

Tanzania is a sovereign nation located on the east coast of Africa. 

The capital of Tanzania is Dodoma. There are 2 national languages: English and Swahili. Swahili is the national and the most widely spoken language, which is used in everyday communication. The currency of the country is the Tanzanian shilling (TSh). 

Population of Tanzania

According to the latest data, the total population of this GEO in 2023 is 66.46 million .

Analyzing the statistics, we see that the population of Tanzania has increased by 1.9 million people (+3.0%) between 2022 and 2023.

50.6% of Tanzania’s population is female and 49.4% is male.

In 2023, 37.0% of Tanzania’s population lived in urban areas and 63.0% lived in rural areas.

Main characteristics of the local population of Tanzania

The local population of Tanzania is characterized by a diversity of ethnic groups, cultures and lifestyles. Here are some of the main features of the local population in Tanzania.

Ethnic Diversity

Tanzania has a rich ethnic diversity with over 120 different ethnic groups. Each group has its own language, culture and traditions.

Religious Diversity

Tanzania is characterized by religious tolerance and diversity. The main religions are Islam and Christianity (Catholicism and Protestantism). There are also animistic beliefs and traditional African religions.

Family values

Family and community are important to Tanzanians. Traditional family values such as respect for elders, support for relatives and cooperation within the family play an important role in the way of life.

Traditional medicine

Beliefs in spirits and magical powers are part of the traditional culture of the local people. Tanzanians believe that illnesses and ailments can be caused by an imbalance between spirits, and traditional healers can establish this balance.

Shamans play a special role in traditional medicine in Tanzania, as intermediate mediators between the spirits and humanity. They use rituals, herbs, amulets and dances to heal and exorcize spiritual forces that are thought to cause illness.

The use of herbs and plants for healing is a common practice in traditional medicine in Tanzania. Many plants are considered to have healing properties and are used to treat various ailments.

Belief in traditional medicine is also strengthened by the role of the social network. High chiefs, spiritual leaders and elders often support traditional healing methods and recommend them to their followers.

Economy and salaries

Tanzania’s economy is one of the largest in East Africa and is characterized by diverse sectors. 

Tanzania faces a number of economic challenges such as high poverty rates, low industrialization, and limited resources in education and health care. However, the country also has the potential for economic development based on efficient utilization of its resources and sustainable development of tourism and other key sectors. Continued economic reforms and attracting foreign investment are contributing to sustainable growth and poverty reduction in Tanzania.

Minimum salary: $180 per month. 

Average salary: $250 per month.

Internet in Tanzania

At the beginning of 2023, there were approximately 21 million users in Tanzania.

According to the latest data, the internet penetration rate in Tanzania is 31.6% of the total population.

Average mobile internet speed: 14.48 Mbps.

Average fixed internet speed: 12.99 Mbps.

Social media

Tanzania currently has about 4.90 million social media users.

✅ Facebook — 3.8 million 

✅ Instagram — 2.45 million

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Tanzania is a GEO with great potential. Given the local population’s belief in higher powers and folk medicine, you can safely deliver nutra and come out to a good profit. In promo you can use shamans and emphasis on natural ingredients. 

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Considering these simple recommendations, you can squeeze the most out of this GEO. 

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Good luck and a bombastic conversion!

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