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Best Virtual Cards for Affiliate Marketing and Media Buying from PST.NET

calendar 14.03.23
time--v1 3 minutes

Looking for the easiest and most reliable way to pay bills on advertising platforms? PST.NET offers virtual payment cards from $1 (premium quality), while you can get up to 100 cards for free for a test. Sounds interesting? Let’s look closer.

Most important thing at the very beginning: virtual crypto cards from PST fulfill their main task (payment for various services without problems and risks) for sure, while working with them is really convenient. Cards of this service can be quickly loaded with cryptocurrency (BTC, USDT, etc.) and other methods to pay for goods and services around the world in $ and €. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Canva, Amazon, Ebay, Digital Ocean, Jira – almost any service is available with these virtual cryptocurrency cards. There are cards you can add to your e-wallets (Google Pay and Apple Pay).

Usually setting up a new account at a virtual credit card service takes a lot of time and effort (difficult sign-up process, KYC interview, etc), but PST doesn’t have such problems. Registration process is easily completed in just a few clicks by simply signing up with a Google or Telegram account or creating a new login and password. There is no need to provide any documents to get started, even if the account is used for work. First virtual crypto card (VCC) doesn’t require any KYC, although in that case card deposit is limited to $500. After a quick and easy KYC process users can issue an unlimited number of cards with no spending limits.

By the way, there are special conditions for teams and users with high monthly spends ($30k+ per month): up to 100 free cards for a test, $1 for a card and 2% top up fee. Those conditions are available for PST Private members. Undoubtedly these terms are the best on the virtual crypto cards market. 

Top-up methods include USDT TRC-20 (Tether) and Bitcoin, wire transfers (SWIFT, SEPA) and Visa & Mastercard. Withdrawals in crypto are available too, but they must exceed $500.

PST offers a variety of virtual crypto cards that are designed specifically for media buying and affiliate marketing. Trusted BINs protect advertising accounts from risk-payment bans allowing to run ads with no extra hassle.

Moreover, there is an internal BIN checker that not only allows to check the information on all bank cards but shows real-time statistics on BINs from PST.NET. Service discloses information about the percentage of approved/declined transactions, average spend per card and billing thresholds.

PST offers special functions for team work. To get those functions users have to contact customer support service to get the Master-account status. Master account offers a number of benefits, including the ability to manage employees (e.g., inviting, suspending, and changing roles), set spend limits, instantly transfer cards and funds between team accounts, and access a top-up request system. Additionally, Master-accounts can access the transaction history of all team members and also generate and download operational reports in CSV format. With the upcoming launch of a spend forecast system and the ability to set allowed merchant (MCC) codes, Master-accounts will provide even more tools to streamline your business expenses.

In general, virtual cryptocards from PST.NET are a reliable tool for paying advertising costs. Plus, special conditions and ease of use make these cards the best choice for media buying and affiliate marketing.

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