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Baseline and mindep: what is it and what is it for?

calendar 10.07.24
time--v1 3 minutes

Today we decided to talk about the basic concepts that are in the game. This article will be of interest for those who are just starting to master this direction.

What should be considered when choosing an offer?

It’s not a secret that the revenues from the gambling industry are quite significant. Therefore, the casino has a goal to protect itself from losses associated with unprofitable customers who broke the bank. This process has led to the formation of concepts that work for the benefit of the casino.

Therefore, before choosing an offer, each arbitrator needs to take into account 2 basic concepts: mindem (minimum deposit) and baseline.


In gambling, you are unlikely to find a model with payment for the client’s registration. The standard model here is the CPA, which provides for payment for making a minimum deposit by the client.

The minimum deposit is the smallest amount to put on your casino account after the registration to start the game. The amount of the mindep bill is set by itself. It differs in casinos and depends on many factors, such as the country and the casino itself.

It should be understood that the mindset should be low enough to attract players. Keep this in mind when choosing an offer. If the mindep is too large, then your leads will have a very low conversion to approval.


The baseline or base activity threshold is the amount indicated by the bill that a player must deposit in order to be recognized as an active participant. This is important for the casino itself, so that it has the opportunity to receive a profit from the player exceeding the payments to arbitrators. That is why the baseline includes not only a minimum deposit, but also additional funds.

The formula is as follows: mindep + the amount indicated by the ad = baseline

The baseline can be a one-time fee, so it is paid once (in addition to the mindep), or a certain number of payments during the month.

Summing up the results

When choosing an offer to launch traffic, it is important to take into account both the payout amount and the size of the mindep and baseline. Your profit directly depends on how accessible and realistic these parameters are for your company.

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