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Antidetect browsers for affiliate marketing

calendar 13.01.23
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An antidetect browser is a software that provides anonymity on the web by replacing the fingerprint, the digital print of a user. The service is similar to a regular browser that opens in a separate window, just like Chrome or Opera.

Antidetect browsers are necessary for working with advertising, avoiding bans and blocks. They can help you access websites that are prohibited to your country, and also to ensure the security of personal data from scammers.

How an antidetect browser provide anonymity

Websites know a lot about their users. They collect data on every visitor for advertising and security purposes: who the person is, what country/city he’s from, what device he is using, and what platforms he’s accessing. Websites get the data from anonymised parameters, which are called the fingerprint. The websites can then use the fingerprints to differentiate between two users.

The fingerprint includes:

  • Information about the device: model, operating system, processor and number of cores, RAM and HD size, screen resolution, ports;
  • browser information: type and version, geolocation, language, timezone, WebGL, WebRTC, Client Rects, Canvas, fonts.

A browser antidetect enables simultaneously creating several profiles with different digital fingerprints. All the profiles will differ from one another, since fingerprints don’t get repeated. As a result, when the user accesses a website using an antidetect browser, the website will consider it to be different people accessing from various countries and devices. 

For example, a webmaster has Mozilla installed on an HP laptop with a 14” screen. To create a Facebook account for advertising CPA offers, the user creates a profile in the antidetect browser. His new parameters are: he has an Acer laptop with a 15.6” screen and Chrome.

Antidetect browsers are widely used in CPA marketing, when the webmaster wants to promote different products on the same social media platform, like Facebook. Social media platforms prohibit creating multiple accounts, and ban users that break this rule. Antidetect browsers solace this issue.

Examples of antidetect browsers:

  • Dolphin{anty} 
  • Indigo Browser
  • Linken Sphere
  • AdsPower
  • Incogniton
  • Multilogin
  • Octo Browser
  • Kameleo

How to choose an antidetect browser

The market offers dozens of antidetect browsers, so you can follow the following advice to choose the right one.

  1. Study the reviews. The best option would be to hear what your colleagues have to say, and get to know expert opinion.
  2. Find out how often the software gets updated. You can get your hands on this information from the service’s own news and social media accounts. If the service hasn’t had an update in a while, it’s best to look for another one.
  3. Learn about the functions. You are better off with an antidetect browser that can solve various business tasks. For example, options like transferring an account and team access are useful functions.
  4. Assess the tech support quality. Ask a few questions in the chat and see what the response time is and the reply quality.
  5. Use the trial period. Many services offer a free trial period, which you can use to test how it works. Try to use accounts that you aren’t afraid to lose in case you do get banned, which proves the service unworthy.

Setting up the antidetect browser

You first need to register in the service and install the antidetect browser onto your device in order to configure the settings. Then you must launch it and create a new profile.

The system will prompt you to specify the general settings, i.e. select the operating system, browser, geo and add a proxy.

An example of configuration in Kameleo

When choosing a proxy you must select a reliable store and study the reviews about the seller. You’re better off buying a proxy than using a free one, since free IPs could already be blacklisted by antifraud systems. 

After entering all the data you need to check the proxy. If the setup was successful, the browser will display your IP data. To start, simply launch the created profile and access the necessary website.


Antidetect browsers are effective in completing various advertising activities, multi-account use and accessing prohibited websites. They outmatch VPN services because VPNs simply change the IP address, while the fingerprint remains the same. Websites match the accounts of the same user using the fingerprint, which means that all the accounts of the user will get banned.

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