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The case on Facebook for the GlucoPRO TZ offer with the profit of 1923$

calendar 21.06.24
time--v1 3 minutes

Period: 01.01.2024-01.03.2024

Traffic source: facebook.com

Offer: GlucoPRO TZ

GEO: Tanzania  

Affiliate program: Lemonad


Spent: $2,410

Earned: $4333

Profit: 1923$

ROI: 79.8%

Antidetect: Adspower

Proxy: mobile

Domains: domains with a history for which subdomains were created

Accounts: personal 250$

Cloaca: Tracker and Cloaca Keitaro

Payment card: Brocard

Greetings to all. For the last 5 years, I have been engaged in traffic arbitration. I decided to try a new GEO but not a new category for me — diabetes. My choice was Tanzania. After talking with the manager and getting a good boost at the start, I decided to test this geo. Having received good results on standard creos, I decided to scale up and throw much traffic.


I used autofill via FB tool 1-3-1 (1 campaign, 3 adsets, 1 creo). Placements — auto-placement, age 40-65. I used an autostart and manual control. I threw 24/7 without pauses for the CC work and weekends.

For the throwing I used one Restored Fan Page, which has never been banned during the entire time of the traffic pouring. I set up the FP for the offer (avatar, changed the name, a couple of posts about diabetes on the wall).

I used domains with a history — and already poured on a bunch of subdomains (domains were not banned at all).

I used relevant white pages or a white screen.


I used typical creos in prelanding pages with a doctor, I tested different approaches — it’s better to go as in the screenshots below.

For the test, relevant creos for the profile will be quite suitable (the doctor and the advertising slogan are on the page itself), as well as a marketing approach. Both images and video creatives performed equally well. I used Photoshop and Canva to create it. 

Tip: making more unique creos, it saved a lot when the position was decreasing. 

During the test, all the prelanding pages for this offer were downloaded and the best one was already selected at low traffic pouring.


The price per lead was much lower than in the statistics screenshot from FB, it’s just that not all leads are posted back to Facebook.

Summing up the results

Do not neglect countries that are not included in Tier 1, 2. Tanzania is a very good GEO, like many other African countries, where you can make good money in a normal ROI. I plan to scale the tested approaches in neighboring countries as well. 

Big profit for everyone!

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