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GEO Review: El Salvador

calendar 03.04.24
time--v1 4 minutes

Today we will go on an exciting journey through one of the most promising and interesting geographical regions — El Salvador. This small but very dynamic part of Central America is becoming increasingly attractive for launching traffic.

General information

El Salvador is a sovereign state located in Central America on the west coast. The capital of the country is San Salvador. The official language is Spanish. The country’s currency is the US dollar ($). El Salvador is renowned for its diverse cultural heritage, spectacular natural landscapes and rich history.

Population of El Salvador

In January 2024, El Salvador’s population was 6.38 million.

Data shows that El Salvador’s population increased by 32 thousand people (+0.5%) between the beginning of 2023 and the beginning of 2024.

52.4% of the population of El Salvador are women, and 47.6% of the population are men.

At the beginning of 2024, 75.6% of El Salvador’s population lived in urban centers and 24.4% lived in rural areas.

Main features of the local population of El Salvador

​​The population of El Salvador is a multi-ethnic community with unique cultural and ethnic characteristics.


El Salvador’s population consists of various ethnic groups, including local Indians, mestizos (descendants of Spaniards and indigenous peoples), Afro-Salvadorans and European immigrants.


The official language is Spanish, which is used in everyday communication. However, there is also a prevalence of dialects in local Indian languages.

Cultural heritage

El Salvador is rich in diverse cultural traditions that are reflected in music, dance, cuisine, crafts and religious festivals. Catholicism plays an important role in the cultural life of the country.

Family values

For many Salvadorans, family plays a central role in their lives. Family ties, respect for older generations and care for relatives are an integral part of the Salvadoran mentality.

Traditional medicine

In modern El Salvadoran society, traditional medicine exists in parallel with the modern medical system. Some people choose to turn to traditional healers and healing methods out of respect for their traditions and cultural values.

Traditional healers, known as “curanderos”, use various healing methods such as massage, aromatherapy, prayer and ritual to help patients recover from illnesses.

Economy and salaries

The economy and wage levels in El Salvador reflect the country’s difficult socioeconomic conditions.


El Salvador’s economy is based primarily on services, agriculture, industry and trade. Among the main sectors of the economy are: textile production, coffee and sugar cane processing, as well as tourism and financial services.

Income inequality

In El Salvador, there is significant income inequality between rich and poor. This creates social tensions.

Minimum salary: $365 per month.

Average salary: $1710 per month.

Internet in El Salvador

At the beginning of 2024, El Salvador had 4.58 million internet users and internet penetration stood at 71.7%.

Average mobile Internet speed: 27.37 Mbit/s.

Average speed fixed Internet: 47.63 Mbit/s.

Social media

There are currently about 3.90 million social media users in El Salvador.

✅ Facebook — 3.9 million

✅ YouTube — 3.57 million

✅ Instagram — 1.75 million

✅ TikTok — 3.88 million

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In conclusion

El Salvador has great potential for launching successful campaigns. Taking into account the faith of the local population in higher powers and the prevalence of traditional medicine, you can safely promote nutra and make a good profit.

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