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Case with the profit of $ 5685 on the Urofarm in Iraq

calendar 11.06.24
time--v1 2 minutes

Period: 01.01.2024-06.01.2024

Traffic source: facebook.com

Offer: Urofarm IQ2

GEO: Iraq

Affiliate program: Lemonad


Spent: $7025

Earned: $12,710

Profit: 5685$

ROI: 80.93%

Antidetect: Adspower

Proxy: mobile

Domains: phrynomes

Accounts: kings with autoregues 50 limit

Cloaca: Tracker and Cloaca Keitaro


Today I want to tell you how I throw the Urofarm IQ2 prostatitis offer for Iraq. Having received a good rate boost from the start, I began to test the pre-lands from the AP. As a result, I chose the best one with a CR of 2.46% and thrown 80% of the traffic on it. Since January, traffic has been getting more expensive on a regular basis, but constant rate boosts have offset this factor. 

At the moment, the rate is 3 times higher than the base, which is good news. There were no special problems with the application on this offer, but when a week ago the guarantor was also approved for me on request, it became even more pleasant to throw.


I throw with the autofill FB-tool 1-3-1 (1 campaign, 3 adsets, 1 creo) and monitor launches there as well. Placements — FB dent, age —40-65. I used the auto-set, the daily campaign budget started with $9, followed by a budget boost. The creo that worked well was launched at a manual rate. I used the cards from the Adeerpay service.


I tested different approaches for making creo. The approach with banks did best. Moreover, often the more beautiful creos worked worse, so the most profitable creos were those that look as if they were made in Paint.



Prostatitis in Iraq has been done well for almost six months with a systematic rate boost. I keep throwing it there with a guarantor. I did not find competition in the joint for this offer, it is possible and necessary to throw.

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