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Case Study on GlucoPRO with 60% ROI

calendar 30.01.24
time--v1 3 minutes

Campaign period: 01.08.23 — 31.11.23

Traffic source: facebook.com

Offer: GlucoPRO

GEO: Republic of South Africa

Affiliate network: Lemonade


Bid: 11$

Cost: 6360$

Total revenue: 10637$

Profit: 4277$

ROI: 59.7% 

Capping: 50 leads daily

Cloaca: tracker and cloaca Keitaro

Payment systems: Mybrocard.com and Karta.io

Accounts: @cparja_shop_bot

Hello everyone! CPARJA is in touch! Today we want to share the case of one of our buyers on the traffic streaming to one of the cool offers in the LemonAD CPA. Unfortunately, there were a number of restrictions from the partner, this did not allow us to improve the numbers, but as they say, “many a little makes a mickle.” 😎

We uploaded advertising campaigns using the CPL and 3 ad sets per campaign.


This geo was easily clung to due to the chosen approach, namely a medical one, as well as rather harsh texts.

Here is an example of one of the creatives:

The campaign settings used were basically standard:

Gender: all

Placements: auto

Rate: auto

This geo is well suited for the medical approach + fruits, which are popular in this geo.

There were other creatives similar to this, but when you tried to choose another type of creative, the price flew into space.

I’ll show you another creative that has been working good for a long time:

All creatives were made by our buyer in the Figma program, which is ideal for working with static creatives.


As for the landing pages, there were 6 of them, and we’ve made some improvements in 2-3 of those that became catchy (for example, comments/reviews were added or updated over time, photos and text were changed);

Creatives were also made for the landing page itself, when a doctor from the landing page was added to the creo with an avocado background. This plays an important role when the creative resonates with the content on the landing page.

Here is an example of a working landing page that we created for this offer:

We used farmed and autoregs accounts made by us, which showed excellent results in conjunction with Business Managers. There was no point in taking high-limits or logs, because the capping was limited, and the logs have been behaving much worse lately and are more labor-intensive to implement.

Statistics from the affiliate program and Keitaro:

Conclusion: This offer worked great and we managed to make money on it. 60% ROI is a good indicator nowadays. You can still work from Facebook without straining too much)

Many thanks to the manager — Svetlana for her help and participation in the work of our team with the LemonAD CPA!

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