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Case study: Diabetic offer in India. Profit — 1788$

calendar 12.01.24
time--v1 2 minutes

Campaign period: 01.11.2023 — 29.12.2023

Traffic source: facebook.com

Offer: Diabetic IN

GEO: India

Affiliate network: Lemonade


Cost: $1,550

Total revenue: $3338

Profit: $1788

ROI: 115.3% 

Antidetect: Adspower

Proxy: mobile

Domains: domains with a history for which subdomains were created

Accounts: kings with 50 autoregues

Cloaca: Tracker and Cloaca Keitaro 


Good day to all. Finally got around to test India. I decided to start with diabetes, because I’ve used it on other geo before. I remade the working creos, filled them in and immediately got a good result, so it was decided to scale up.

Set Up

Usually, I run the traffic mainly through the automatic filler (FBTool) 1-3-1 (1 campaign, 3 adsets, 1 creo). Placements were used automatically, age 35-65. Auto bidding, the daily campaign budget is $50. It was going 24/7, without pauses.

I streamed the traffic in kings with an already passed ban account with authors so that later I would not get banned and not waste time on passing. For the bays, I used a pair of fan pages, which have never been banned during the entire time of the traffic running. 

I’ve used cheap domains with a history and then I’ve redirected the traffic on a bunch of subdomains.

No whites used, I’ve streamed the traffic on «Do nothing.»


I usually use templates with working approaches that include different directions in creatives. Basically, this is a creative with a doctor from the pre-landing page, teaser approaches and a marketing approach. The texts directly from the pre-landing are super effective, making the creative as relevant as possible. Video and photo-creatives are equally good, there are almost no failures.


* I sat down at the computer, right now the cab is spinning, below are the current statistics. Not all leads are bounced back to the FB, so the lead price is higher than the real one.

Summing up the results

India may be an old geo, but it is still possible and necessary to run the traffic from there. For this reason I highly recommend it to beginners and gurus, especially during the period when the traffic is passing and running almost perfectly.

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